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Welcome to Oldedalen !


From the Norwegian Sea south of West Cape, the Nordfjord
cuts its way into the landscape and divides into
three arms beneath the glaciers in the mountains of Jotunheimen.
Oldedalen which stretches 20 km in through
the mountains is an extension of the southernmost of
these fjord arms. Surrounded by perpendicular mountainsides,
white waterfalls and sparkling glaciers, the
long and narrow Oldevatn lake twinkles in the valley bottom
and reflects scenery that many have called the most
beautiful in Norway.
Wealthy upper class tourists, especially from England,
long ago found their way to Olden. As early as the 19th
century the majestic tourist ships anchored up in the
fjord and transported their distinguished guests ashore
and up towards the greatest of all attractions: the Briksdal
Glacier at the end of the Briksdal valley. The road
here is an experience in itself: you pass several fantastic
waterfalls and glacier arms of the major Jostedal Glacier,
among others the Brenndal Glacier and the Melkevoll
Glacier that lies at the end of the lake.
Today the farmers in the valley have developed a tourist
programme that is quite unique. At a number of wellkept
campsites and attractive farmyards, you can taste
traditional Norwegian food, try your hand at haymaking
with the long-handled scythe and rake, hike across the
glaciers and mountains, climb steep rock faces, paddle
a rubber dinghy on the Briksdal lake, expend your energy
in the activity parks or what about a quiet trip with
rod and line in a rowboat on the Oldevatn lake? Or just
simply soak in the beauty of the scenery from the saloon
deck onboard MB Olden?
In this guide you will find information about boat trips on
the Oldevatn lake, transport up to the Briksdal Glacier in
small battery-driven golf cars, the campsites all the way
along the valley, as well as places offering activities, fishing,
experiences and farm visits.